Local Marketing of Accountants Websites

There have been a lot of comments over the past few months on places like Twitter and LinkedIn about the need for marketing of accountants websites in their local areas.  In our view this has always been the case as people tend to look for professional services in their immediate area unless they are looking for a specialist service such as an audit for a FTSE250 company for example.

Recognising that there are many firms of accountants out there that have a problem with ranking for local searches we have developed a new product which is specifically aimed at helping firms with their local marketing.

localSITES - local marketing sites for UK AccountantsOur localSITES, are fully Search Engine Optimised, content-rich, microsites that have been developed by our team of SEO experts to appear at the top of the search engine rankings for very specific queries. We have built 10  of these sites optimised for specialist searches in each of 250 local towns, cities and boroughs across the UK giving you a total of 2,500 localSITES to choose from.

The 250 locations include all the major cities (e.g. Manchester, Bristol) plus commonly searched for towns (e.g. Dagenham, Aldershot) and London boroughs (e.g. Westminster, Islington). You can check for your preferred locations in the shop on our website and even request new locations if we haven’t covered your local area yet.

Meanwhile, the 10 specialisms are commonly searched accountancy service areas, plus sectors where particular clients might want to search for specialist advice from an accountant.  Currently the service areas we cover are: VAT advice, Business Start-up, Payroll, Tax Returns, Business Tax, Pensions and Corporate Finance, in addition to these we cover the Academies, Solicitors and Charities sectors.

You may be wondering how this would work for you, and it’s very simple, for example, if a potential client searches on Google for “VAT advice in Peterborough” our localSITE is visible on the first page. The site therefore acts like an ‘advert’ in the natural search results, sending pre-qualified leads to your firm that you can then covert to clients.