I’m at the top of the search engines but get no visitors

This was a comment made to us recently by a prospective client.  They were very proud of their ranking in the search engines but were upset that their number of visitors to the site, and the number of enquiries hadn’t increases.

We took a look at the phrase that they were at the top of the search engine results for and very quickly realised what the problem was.  Their previous SEO company had managed to get them to the top for their company name – something that any website should really do well for anyway – and had been claiming that this was a great success.

I asked the prospective client what the likely-hood was of some searching for the firm by name – adding that we feel that the whole point of SEO was to attract visitors (and hopefully enquiries) from people who are looking for the service provided but have never heard of you as a firm.  The answer was that they were an established firm of accountants in their area (a city in the East Midands) and they thought that people would know about them so would be searching for their name.

At this point we looked at a directory that lists local accountants by town and was able to see that there were at least 7 other firms of accountants in their immediate area of the city so asked why they thought that people would have heard of them and not the other 7 firms, especially as 5 of these firms were of the same sort of size (or larger).

There was a moments silence on the other end of the phone and it was almost as if you could hear the light bulb being turned on…  We spent a few more minutes on the phone with them expanding our view of what we thought might be more relevant phrases for the prospect and promised to do some research on these.

A few days later we contact the client (as they were to become) with a list of half a dozen phrases that we knew were being searched for (we used the Google Keyword Tool to give us a feel – this is a tool that is supposed to show you the number of searches per month for relevant phrases and although we know that the number of searches is not accurate it does give us a feel for the numbers).  These phrases were agreed and we started work on the SEO for the client.

The good news, for both the client and us here at accountantSEO is that within a few weeks the client was starting to show in the results from the agreed phrases and over the following few months the positions continued to improve until we got to the point where all of them were on the first page in Google UK.  The even better news is that the client started to get enquiries that they were able to turn into clients.


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