Welcome to accountantSEO

Welcome to the accountantSEO blog.

This blog has been published by accountantSEO and has several aims :-

Welcome to accountantSEO

  • To dispel some of the myths around search engine optimisation as it relates to accountants websites.  Of course, many of these myths are not purely related to accountants websites but as this is the area that we specialise in there it makes sense that this should be the emphasis.
  • To help firms of accountants realise when the SEO advice that they are given is not totally correct – we see many examples of emails and reports sent to clients stating things that may have been true many years ago but are not correct now.
  • To guide accountancy firms in the elements of SEO that they can carry out for themselves whether or not they employ someone to do the major part of the work.
  • To comment one the latest SEO news, fads and ideas.
  • To give impartial advice to help you gain that coveted top place in the search engine results.
  • And finally, to help you with ideas about internet marketing including social media.

Some of  our blog posts will be informational while others may ask you questions that you need to think about and answer before you go anywhere near your website or embark on any SEO work.

We hope that you enjoy reading what we have to say and welcome any questions or comments that you may have.